Business Case Assurance

A successful Business Case must present the most compelling argument for investment. Our Business Case Assurance ensures every angle is considered, tested and aligns with Treasury’s Better Case Guidelines for Capital Proposals, or organisational specific standards. We give a completely independent view that rises above the potential challenges of personal investment and organisational complexities. We’ll check the critical thinking’s been applied, the consultation has been thorough and the right people have been involved for the most compelling case to be presented.
Depending on the focus of each business case – indicative, detailed or single stage, we assess:
  • The Strategic Case: How well does it make the case for change? Is it well argued? Is there clear justification for proceeding?
  • The Economic Case: Has the full list of options been considered, including the rationale behind the preferred option?
  • The Commercial Case: Have the potential structures/approaches for procurement been fully considered, as well as the planning timeframes required?
  • The Financial Case: What processes and models have been used to identify all significant costs, benefits and risks, including the affordability of the preferred option? How well are the financial impacts and funding requirements understood and articulated?
  • The Management Case: Has the project, programme and/or portfolio management framework (standards, processes and controls) been sufficiently explored to successfully deliver the initiative?