Need to quickly pause, or re-start your project, without having to start all over again?

Aim: To help you make informed decisions about your project, programme and portfolio investments in uncertain times.

As a result of Covid-19 and moving between national alert levels, many organisations are reviewing their priorities and updating their portfolios of work. In some cases, non-essential inflight projects are being paused (or hibernated), with a shift in focus to new initiatives to help lift the economy. Similarly, projects that were previously paused are being asked to quickly re-start.

If project hibernation or re-start is not done well, there can be negative downstream impacts, such as losing valuable knowledge regarding decisions and deliverables to date, resulting in longer timeframes and higher cost.

IQANZ has supported many projects over the past 20 years. In our experience there are several critical factors which contribute to project success. We’ve captured these factors in a series of checklists with questions to help you quickly pause (hibernate) or re-start a project safely.

If you’re unsure or need assistance with any aspect of project hibernation or re-start, please contact us – we are here to help. Email us at or call us on 04 473 4340.