Announcement of IQANZ appointment to GCIO Assurance Services Sub-panel

IQANZ is delighted to announce our appointment to the GCIO Assurance Services Sub-panel to the All of Government (AoG) Consultancy Services solution. We are proud to contribute to the government’s drive towards improving the quality, consistency and independence of Assurance Services provided to agencies, which in turn provides improved confidence around the delivery of expected benefits from ICT-enabled investments.

We have seven Qualified Lead Reviewers available to provide independent quality assurance and technical quality assurance over ICT-enabled projects and programmes. Our Qualified Lead Reviewers are:
Kevin Bryant – Programme & Portfolio Assurance
Nicki Carruth – Project & Programme Assurance
Chris Conradie – Project, Programme & Technical Implementation Assurance
Kobus Dippenaar – Project, Programme, Technical Design & Technical Implementation Assurance
Karen Fisher – Project, Programme & Technical Implementation Assurance
Jo Jones – Project & Programme Assurance
Justin Parker – Project & Programme Assurance

The appointment of so many of our full time assurance team to the GCIO Assurance Services Sub-panel reflects the high calibre and experience of our people.

Our goal is to deliver excellent, high quality, independent assurance services tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs. Appointment to this panel will ensure ICT-enabled projects and programmes have easy access to a broad range of experts within our team. You can continue to contact us for our full range of assurance services, including our project, programme and portfolio IQA reviews across all lifecycle phases, and our technical quality assurance offerings by emailing or calling 04 473 4340.