Jo Jones


“The bottom line is I want my clients to be successful and I’ll bring all my experience to bear to get them over the line.”

Jo is thorough, aware and swiftly identifies what’s possible within the time allowed. Her 25 plus years of experience give her an optimum vantage point to spot pitfalls, pain points and the most effective paths to success.

Jo has worked side by side with clients on over 200 projects, programmes and portfolios across public and private sectors. She builds strong relationships from the outset, being a firm believer that a project or programme has the best chance of success when resourcing, funding and stakeholders are defined and aligned well before kick off. Organised and structured, she also takes a very personal approach to each assignment, looking to align with broader organisational goals where possible.

Jo delivers quality assurance and professional consulting services to a broad range of clients, specialising in leadership, governance, strategic management, business case reviews, portfolio, programme and project management. She is a GCIO Qualified Lead Reviewer.