David Williams

David Williams


“Nobody likes surprises, especially in project management. I keep in close contact with clients so they’re always aware of what’s next.”

David aims for the clearest view at the earliest opportunity so his clients know at the outset, how things will evolve and what they can expect. He’s unashamedly a thinker and planner, laying out a clear pathway from the get go.

David was a project/programme manager for 15 years before joining IQANZ – 10 of those with a number of government departments. He appointed IQANZ to a project while working in government and it was that encounter that propelled him into sharing his experience and helping a broader group in both public and private sectors.

Having lived through the complexities of project/ programme management, David is able to listen, observe and analyse with particular acuity. He focuses on quality assurance, maturity assessments, project/programme management, framework development, implementation management, procurement, relationship and client account management. He is an AXELOS P3M3® Qualified Consultant.