About Us

Quality assurance provides freedom from doubt – and then IQANZ offers more. Having been project managers ourselves we understand the challenges and have the scars to prove it, so we dig deeper to uncover the true insights that trigger project success. Assurance is our focus and foundation, so we operate with a sharper perspective. Being independent and New Zealand owned means we can truly make it personal for every client, connecting as an essential, valuable partner. Here’s how we do it:
  • We engage early to get the truest view
  • We listen to everyone. Our fieldwork is non-judgmental and an opportunity for all participants to confidentially share their honest perspectives.
  • Every observation and recommendation is carefully considered and backed by evidence. While assurance is a point of view, it’s equally about evidence and robust analysis of information.
  • We’re experts in our field but we’re not here to stand in judgment. Our goal is to collaboratively work for successful project and programme delivery.
  • It’s our duty to present things as we find them, but we do it with sensitivity and a focus on solutions.
  • Where we find fault, we always look for remedy. There’s no value in a list of deficiencies without pragmatic advice to keep the project or programme on track to success.
  • We produce clear, concise documents. We want clients to quickly understand and act on our findings, not wade through unnecessary detail and complicated reporting.
  • When we complete our task, we stay in touch. We build relationships for the long haul that keep delivering value to our clients.